FAQs Partners

How do I apply to become a Blocks Partner?

Fill out this application to apply to the Partner Program. We will notify you on the status of your application as soon as possible.

How often will I receive my Blocks Partner commission?

If your commission balance exceeds $50 at the end of any given month, then your commission direct deposit will be processed at the end of that month. If your commission balance is less than $50, then the balance will continue to accumulate and will be issued in whichever following month the accumulated balance is greater than $50.

Can I apply my Blocks Partner commissions toward product credit?

No, your commission will be sent via direct deposit. Earned commissions cannot be redeemed for product credit.

What commissions do Blocks Partners receive?

Block’s Partner Program offers a competitive commission. Once accepted into the program, you will receive more information about the commission structure and how it can fluctuate depending on you extending discounts through your Partner link.

I submitted my application to become a Blocks Partner, now what?

We will email you regarding your status for our Partner Program after we have reviewed it internally.

Who can apply to be a Blocks Partner?

We are seeking brand advocates who understand the importance of optimizing health and who resonate with the need for custom nutrition protocols based on need. Training facilities, rehabilitation centers, athletes, brand fanatics, and influencers are all welcome to apply. We are seeking authentic voices who use Blocks in their regular routine. We want to hear your stories of how Blocks’ solutions have helped improve your daily life, helped you reach your health and fitness goals, and how they have improved your body’s performance.

What is expected of a Blocks Partner?

We ask our Partners to:

1. Reach out to their followers, friends, family, and acquaintances via social media and word of mouth to tell them about our brand and mission
2. Encourage followers to take our quizzes to provide them custom recommendations
3. Promote Blocks' social media networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
4. Share Blocks videos on YouTube
5. Post at least once a week on social media to promote Blocks products (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
6. Recruit new, like-minded Partner-customers to join the Blocks Partner Team
7. Drive sales to www.BlocksNutrition.com using social media, word of mouth, and other reasonable means

What is the Blocks Partner Program?

Blocks' Partner Program allows brand partners to earn commissions by promoting Blocks products within their online and in-person communities. Blocks Partners receive exclusive information on new product launches, special product promotions, and direct access to a dedicated Blocks Partner manager.

Click here for more information about the program.