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college athletic programs

We are constantly looking to partner with athletic programs that take health and nutrition as seriously as we do, and realize there are several options when partnering with an NSF Certified for Sport brand. Our hope is to exceed all expectations through our hands-on assessment approach. It will greatly benefit your athletes and can lead to enhancing your greater student body as well.

benefits to you:

  • 21 NSF Certified products to provide a comprehensive supplement line to all serious student athletes
  • Hands on attention from our team of certified nutrition professionals to provide nutrition and supplement protocols personalized to each player’s in season or off season needs
  • Blocks’ Quiz Stations in the student center with the ability for all students to take our assessments and receive a discount on products

training facilities

We are here to supplement (pun intended) any and all top notch training facilities throughout the country. Training hard needs smart recovery. Our products will support your athletes’ performance goals, recovery goals, and help them look at the other 10 categories of wellness that are just as important as enhancing performance and optimizing recovery.

as a facility partner you will receive:

  • Wholesale pricing on our complete line of products
  • An initial in person nutrition consultation for your staff by our nutrition team
  • Training on each product’s specific use case, ingredient by ingredient, to help your trainers best support their clients
  • Help designing and integrating the Blocks retail experience into your store, which will come with an iPad that can be floor or wall mounted and always open to our quizzes
  • Ongoing in person education as needed


If you’re an athlete, influencer, or educator that is looking to elevate your health and positively impact those that follow you, we want you on our team! You are our biggest advocates. 

We live in an age of information overload, much of which is false or fad-based, and our collective job is to help provide people with real, science-backed answers to questions about their health. The focus will always be to promote smart lifestyle choices and (yummy) life-extending eating habits. From there we will build in Blocks to supplement that foundation and support everyone that needs answers for their nutritional mysteries. 

We are here to provide the world with premium products, accurate education, and an efficacious diagnostic system in your pocket (our mobile-friendly quizzes). 

Each individual affiliate is hand-selected by our team and plays a crucial role in helping us build a healthier world!

you will receive:

  • Wholesale pricing on all of our products 
  • A one-on-one consult with our Chief Science Officer, Phil Grau, to assist you with your health and fitness goals
  • A monthly product credit to support your goals 
  • An affiliate code and link you can share with everyone you know to spread the health
  • Access to our creative agency, The House Of, to assist with quality content creation as needed
  • Exclusive invitations to our Blocks’ Parties, where we grow together in education, activity, and community through guest speakers, physical fun, and round table discussions on best practices in all areas of lifeand always open to our quizzes
  • Ongoing in person education as needed

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